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Solar Powered Crank Radio with Flashlight Back to Products

Stay prepared with this emergency dynamo hand-held crank radio containing a a powerful flashlight and Cell Phone Charging capabilities.

No power or batteries? NO PROBLEM. The solar charger and hand-crank make sure the radio will stay charged so you can get important information on the am/fm radio, use the flashlight, or charge your phone or MP3 player. Never get stuck without power or batteries again. This device has everything you would need in an emergency.

  1. No batteries necessary. Use solar power or charge the radio with the dynamo hand crank. Batteries can be used and it can also be charged with the included power cord.
  2. An AM/FM Radio with powerful speaker and antennae.
  3. A 3 LED flashlight with Alarm and Flashing functions.
  4. A Cell Phone Charging Jack. - CHARGE YOUR CELL PHONE
  5. Earphone Jack

Power Sources: NI-MH Battery,3 X AAA Alkaline Batteries or Solar Power

Charged by: Cranking Dynamo, External Adaptor, Computer or Solar Power

Package Includes:
1 X DE13 Radio
1 X Cell Phone Charging Cable
1 X English Manual

20.0 * 20.0 * 10.0 ( cm )

• Solar Powered Crank Radio

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