About International CPR Institute

Offering High Quality Courses for 15+ years.

The International CPR Institute (ICPRI) offers a combination of first aid certification and training, online cpr classes as well as on-site training for corporations, large and small.

Based in the USA

Thousands of companies and individuals have come to rely on us to train their employees effectively. Our staff believes that medical care can be taught through an innovative “integrated training” approach that combines video demonstration, graphic animation, photographs and clear, easy to understand text.

Not only has our approach proven more cost effective for corporations that require their staff to be trained in CPR/AED, First-Aid, and Bloodborne Pathogens skills, but for the individual student as well. Our online courses have trained thousands in these basic first aid skills and our certifications are accepted worldwide.

ICPRI offers the following first aid training courses:

ICPRI's Online First Aid Training and CPR Classes

On-line training creates a multi-media learning environment that allows the student to learn at his or her own pace in a non-intimidating, personal environment. While allowing the student unlimited access to the material, before and after the exam, the student can go back and refresh his/her knowledge for the entire length of the certification. Because our cpr classes and first aid training are updated frequently, we highly recommend that our students come back and refresh their knowledge base again and again. This method has proven to be much more beneficial than a simple 3 to 5 hour course.

ICPRI‘s online courses consist of photography, video and animation, all of which creates a visual image of proper first aid techniques that will remain etched in the mind of the student for a longer time. That’s important when considering that certifications are usually good for two years and techniques can be forgotten quickly.

COME BACK TO ICPRI AND REFRESH ANYTIME, IT’S ALL INCLUDED IN THE ONE TIME COST OF THE COURSE! No recurring charges will be placed on your credit card.

The trained Instructors at ICPRI have been essential to the first aid training process, bringing experience, expertise and the human element to each of our courses. Many companies are required to demonstrate compliance with their own specific company regulations, as well as OSHA, state and federal regulations and ICPRI makes it convenient and simple for employees and staff to stay current with the latest techniques and regulations. The course is available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year so it’s easy to maintain your certifications consistently. We’ll be happy to remind you by email when your certifications are about to expire.

If you have any questions for ICPRI about our First Aid training, our CPR classes or any of our training courses, email us today.