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International CPR Institute, Inc.
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For support services, please send an email to [email protected]

Please email us with your question or concern and we will get back to you shortly.

Top 6 Most Common Problems

I can’t login to my account, what do I do?
Send an email to [email protected] and include your email address. We’ll reset your login and email you the results quickly!

Can’t print or save your certificate?
We can help, just send an email describing what you’re having problems with: [email protected].

Need a copy of your wallet card?
Send an email with your information and we’ll get a replacement out quickly: [email protected].

Have a question about our company or website?
Visit our FAQ’s page, I’ll bet you can find the answer quickly there.

You didn’t receive your wallet card?
They are mailed, by 1st class mail from the United States Post Office, the day after you complete the course. That could take anywhere from 3-5 days, you know the post office! If it’s been longer than a week, chances are something is wrong. Send us an email and we’ll investigate: [email protected].

Want information about our group or corporate rates?
Check our Frequently Asked Questions page, there’s some great information and prices there.

We are constantly involved in training classes so it’s difficult to conduct technical support by phone. PLEASE send an email BEFORE calling our telephone number because you will go to voicemail and handled in the order that we received your call. If you require a returned phone call, we will call you back.

Please email us first: [email protected]

P: 407-777-0177